Friday, September 14, 2012

Stockholm, 2012

Another stop on the Baltic cruise.

Memorial to the Holocaust

Details from the VASA

The great warship ship VASA, built in 1628 and sank moments after it's launch in the waters off Stockholm with a loss of fifty lives. The valuable 50 bronze cannons were salvaged almost immediately using a "diving bell"-literally a bell shaped device with a standing platform that held about 30 minutes worth of air for the lucky salvager. The rest of the ship sat on the seabed for another 325 years before it too was salvaged in the late 1950's. By luck, the Baltic Sea does not contain as much salt as the oceans and the worms that feed on wood are not present. The ship is 95% original, quite large, and covered with hand woodcarvings of great detail. For more info on this amazing artifact-and one of the foremost tourist attractions in the

This is a scale model of VASA with what they think are the original paint colors

By the water, Stockholm

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