Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spain, Pt.1

The beach near where we stayed in southern Spain, Marbella, Coste Del Sol.

It felt like the calm before the storm.

With much turmoil ahead for the Euro and the countries like Spain. Saw
"skeleton" housing projects, started and abandoned. Saw huge resorts
that looked great from the outside but apparently had no one living in them-that's
according to the recent news about the building boom and collapse.
Our "resort" which was much older and rather quaint, was largely not filled
and it looks like the tourism thing is ebbing quickly. Too bad since
it is a very beautiful place.

We're talking retro here.

Down on the beach, a Moorish signal tower close to 900 years old.

A side trip to Granada.

These were all taken inside the Alhambra. For lot's more about this place check out

 We visited a small town called Mijas

These are the local taxi's. They all have numbers too.

One of my favorite photos.
This one too.
 For the scooter collection
 Didn't buy this one.

 Streets are about as narrow as I've seen anywhere in Europe.
A bullfight museum!

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  1. Gorgeous photos Michael - but re the lack of clients at your hotel, the tourist season won't have really started yet. Not until mid June when the kids get out of school, so there's hope for them yet.

    xx Claire (Harrison Lambe in Woodstock)