Monday, February 7, 2011

Nymphenburg Palace

This is taken at the hunting lodge at Nymphenburg. Looks like it was quite a hunt. Arrived on a very warm day in February-hitting close to 60 degrees-lots and lots of people out walking-the whole Palace was mostly shut but it was still very impressive.

Here's the center of the Palace-keep in mind the whole thing is close to 700 meters long total-it's almost more than the mind and eye can absorb. While we couldn't get in, and hope to get back in the Spring when it's all opened up, here's a link from wikipedia and a link to interior shots:

There is also a lot of amazing ceramic art that happens here-the same family has been working their craft here since the 1700's-of course it was all closed on a Sunday-but I did see this:

About 4 feet tall-great colors.

This was part of a bridge in the huge park.
 The moles or voles have completely wreaked havoc on the well kept grounds. Similar to the English Garden, these nocturnal critters leave a trail of dirt piles across even Nymphenburg Palace lawns! I expected to run into the Bill Murray character from Caddyshack.

Saw what looked a lot like Canadian Geese-they couldn't have made it this far could they?

The Hunting Lodge. See Wikipedia for an interior shot of this place-the "Hall of Mirrors."

Sun shine and 60's-February 5th!

Supposed to stay this way all week. I'm sitting out on the deck with Zoe as I write this.

The North Wing.

This canal runs for miles in a perfectly straight line.

The South Wing.

Stopped at a small beergarden in Elizabeth Platz for Currywurst on the way back-sold out-have to get there early for the Currywurst.

There were actually two of these beauties parked at the beer garden-both had the center shifter and the banana seats. Very close to the one I had as a kid.
A large monolithic stone in the center of Elizabeth Platz. Very old with two worn carvings-Bavarian Flag on one side and what looks like a bishop here.

Will try and find out what it means....

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