Sunday, January 23, 2011


The first view off the subway of the 1972 Olympiapark- a very new BMW building is to the left
 The 1972 Olympics happened here and it was a very eventful moment in Olympic history. The buildings for the most part are still standing and are being used today for many purposes-concerts-swimming-winter events etc. Here's the wikipedia link to the 1972 Munich Olympics- I was 17 at the time and can still remember some of it..

Crazy reflection pic-you can see the BMW towers and BMW Museum.

View from the near top of Olympiaberg-more about that shortly. Note the Alps beyond the Munich skyline.
Birdseye view of even more Community Gardens. I have run into acres and acres of these scattered all throughout Munich. I'm looking forward to Spring and Summer to see what they are growing on these plots.

39 years old and they appear to be having some issues with the roofs. There was quite a bit of construction work happening here.

The Olympic Pool full of swimmers on a cold winter's day.

The sign says that "OlympiaBerg' was created out of the rubble from the WW2 bombed out buildings in Munich that were cleared and piled at this spot. It's the highest viewpoint in the city. It's also a little weird walking up it after knowing what it actually is. 

More view from the top.

And more view

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