Saturday, December 18, 2010

Painted Haus's

More pictures from an hour south of Munich in Garmisch-Partenkirchen-actually two separate and distinct towns that are connected at the hip and share the two banks of the river that runs through this valley.

Painting very elaborate exterior scenes and other ornateness is something they brought in from Italy hundreds of years ago and most of the public buildings and many homes have giant works of art adorning their walls. (One can only wonder what Woodstock's Planning and Town Board would think of such outright acts of art in the "Colony of the Arts" no less.)

 The placing of full size statues on the exteriors is also somewhat common and I'm sure has some historical significance. Antlers are also common as you can see. And I did not not see one chip of peeling paint in my travels here.

 This is one of the oldest streets in the town-Ludwigstrassa-dating to the 1400's. The cattle apparently lived on the first floor and the farmers on the upper levels. One hopes the cows were turned out to the fields for the Spring and Summer and Fall.

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