Saturday, March 26, 2016

The New Album is done. 
Here's a link to the download site:

Here's a link to the new video-shot in Munich:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The New Album " Veitch Munich" is almost ready!

The cover for "Veitch Munich" by Aeneas Art and Rick Veitch

"Veitch Munich"

New Album-due March 22, 2016

I had the very good fortune to recently live in Munich Germany for about two years. While there, I discovered a thriving songwriter scene and helped organize the first meetings of the Munich Songwriters Group, modeled after the famous Jack Hardy Monday meetings in Greenwich Village. The first results of these two years in Munich is “Veitch Munich” - twelve new songs, written and mostly recorded there. 

I had heard from Judy Collins that she wanted to record my song “Veteran’s Day” for her new album “Bohemian.” In addition to being thrilled at this news, it triggered a songwriting spree that added to my collection about 50 new songs..songs about “days”- holidays, important days, burying days, etc. It became a running joke at the songwriters meetings — what day is he doing next?—enough new material for at least another album—“Veitch Munich 2”

This was originally going to be called “The Best of Many Days” to encompass all those “days” I had written new songs about. But I especially wanted to include my song “White Rose” - originally titled “Fine, Fine Day” so I settled on “Veitch Munich.” Here's a link to White Rose

Ironically, I was in Germany when I heard of Jack Hardy’s passing. The song “One Step Beyond” was written and recorded in true Fast Folk style, it took altogether about a day, and with the exception of adding Kirsti Gholsen’s beautiful backup vocals, it was all recorded in Munich in one take, including the drum machine.

“The Lucky Ones” - also not a “day” song, came about after having read Judy Collin’s new autobiography “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes.”  I had written her an email to say how much her story hit home, especially about the addiction and loss of loved ones. A good friend of mine had just passed away from a battle with Hepatitis C and I shared a bit of that story. She wrote back that “we are the lucky ones.”  The song is part of a trilogy of tunes I wrote for a dear friend and co-writer who also passed away while I was in Germany after a long battle with cancer. “ Fevered Dream” and “Angels Out There” are the other two.

I was very fortunate to have Dan Whitley add some blazing guitar to my song “Happy Fourth of July.” The most political one on this album, too! We flew in his tracks here in the states after I returned. Thank you thank you!

Drumming is all Eric Parker and some, like “Valentine’s Day” were done without me even in the room. It is a song I wrote together with Julie Last ( who also mixed and engineered most of this record) that I think we started before I left, and went through several versions before we found this one. Everything except the drums and bass and Julie’s backups were recorded in Germany. I flew the files over to Coldbrook and viola! Thank you thank you!

“Try Try Try” is not an actual live recording but it does open and close with the crowd from Bagels and Muffins who would come out for the shows I did there. We had some very crowded nights. Hepple Ettlich theater was another regular performance spot where I worked out the kinks in a lot of these songs. Many thanks to the International Songwriter’s Evening for having me! And check out the you-tubes of some of those performances if you get a chance.

I was very fortunate to have some super backup help from Alma Honal on White Rose, and piano by Alex Sebastian on WR too. And Solly Aschkar sings the moving duet with me on “Home Again.” Thank you thank you all!

Bass is mostly Kyle Esposito, when I am not doing a keyboard synth bass line. And Kirsti Gholsen also added her voice to “The First Day.” Thank you thank you!

Footch Fischetti plays the violin on “First Snow” and the rest is pretty much just me. Most of the basic tracks were recorded in Munich using Apple’s Garageband. We then flew the files into Pro Tools at Julie’s Coldbrook Productions Studio. A few of the songs were recorded live, one take, vocal and guitar at Rick Davis’ “Majik Kabin” studio in Ascutney Vermont and we layered everything else on. Thank you thank you!!

The artwork on the cover is by German Artist Aeneas Art with some layout and text added by Rick Veitch. Aeneas gave me the painting after a show in Munich and as I was looking around for art for this cover, I contacted him to ask if it was okay to use. He happily said yes and I sent him “White Rose” to give him some idea what it was going to sound like. He wrote back that his grandfather had actually helped Sophie Scholl and White Rose during the war and that he had founded the White Rose Foundation after the War. It is a very small world indeed. Thank you thank you!!

Without Anne Sutherland, I would not have had the chance to experience so much of Europe, including Russia no less!. And Zoe was there too. What a most amazing trip! Thank you thank you!!!

I kept the blog you are reading right now- a photo journal and my reflections on what we were seeing and experiencing on this glorious trip. The new record is the soundtrack.

And to all my Munich friends, Jens, Yogi, Marko, Ben, Franchesco, Matt, the songwriting group, and of course Alma, Alex, Aeneas and Solly, Danke von der Unterseite meines Herzens. I’ll be back.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Welcome back to VeitchMunich!  Dec. 2015

                                                                    English Garden #7 by Michael Veitch
                                                                                            Along the Canal by Michael Veitch

Much news to get caught up with. First, I am finishing up a recording project of many new songs that I wrote while living on Osterwaldstrasse in Munich. Down the street from where the Rollings Stones converge when they come to Munich. Good vibes. 
It will be called (of course) "VeitchMunich" and will have at least twelve Munich inspired songs with a few in reserve for the next project. 
       Here I am performing with Alma at a lovely cafe in Munich called Bagels and Muffins.

I am very fortunate to have some of Munich's finest musicians on the record, including Solly Aschkar, Alex Sebastian, and of course Alma Honal. Most of the early recording was done in Munich and the finishing touches were added in Ascutney Vermont US and Woodstock NY US. Much help from my engineers Rick Davis at Majik Kabin and Julie Last at Coldbrook Productions. Adding drums and percussion is Eric Parker who has toured with Joe Cocker and Ian Hunter, and my favorite great bassplayer in Woodstock, Kyle Esposito who is also a gifted songwriter.

                                                English Garden #5 by Michael Veitch
                                                                               Neuschwanstein  #1 by Michael Veitch

Still working on the cover art selections-there is a lot to choose from, including some Munich artists who's art I acquired while there.

Most of the material was developed in consort with the Munich Songwriter's Meeting I helped establish, as well as the International Songwriters' Evening concerts held at the Hepple Ettlich. Thanks to all for letting me participate! Very helpful for whipping those songs into some kind of shape.

                                                                    English Garden # 9 by Michael Veitch

Here's a link to the first single from the record-"White Rose"- the story of Sophie Scholls and her comrades in White Rose, heroes in the truest sense of the word.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Stockholm, 2012

Another stop on the Baltic cruise.

Memorial to the Holocaust

Details from the VASA

The great warship ship VASA, built in 1628 and sank moments after it's launch in the waters off Stockholm with a loss of fifty lives. The valuable 50 bronze cannons were salvaged almost immediately using a "diving bell"-literally a bell shaped device with a standing platform that held about 30 minutes worth of air for the lucky salvager. The rest of the ship sat on the seabed for another 325 years before it too was salvaged in the late 1950's. By luck, the Baltic Sea does not contain as much salt as the oceans and the worms that feed on wood are not present. The ship is 95% original, quite large, and covered with hand woodcarvings of great detail. For more info on this amazing artifact-and one of the foremost tourist attractions in the

This is a scale model of VASA with what they think are the original paint colors

By the water, Stockholm

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Garmisch/Partenkirchnen 2012

What can I say, it's an amazing place, just a short train ride south of Munich. We hiked way up into these mountains to visit King Ludwig's "Birthday House" - a place he would only visit once a year, by carriage, on his birthday of course. Legend has it the guy never ventured outside during the daylight and kept all the blinds closed, only waking at night. I'm not sure why you would want a house that you only visit once per year with drop dead views way up in the mountains when chances are you would never actually see the views.

 I was especially beat when we got up here, even with the walking sticks,  and had no real interest in touring the small "castle." I had seen the pictures and the whole thing is done in a Turkish motif. I was just as happy sitting at the Alm House with wein chortle and goulash soup, getting together for the long hike down.

They have a very large garden of rare Alpen flowers although I was told these are very common.

 These dot the landscape and are used to store hay. Some are very old, like the one pictured with the rocks holding down the roof shingles.

The cows were great-all with classic bells wringing around their necks. You could hear them from some distance and they seemed to have no trouble climbing very steep hillsides, and coming down them.

The view from our room at the Reindl's Partenkirchner Hof  A super place, family run, very friendly great location.

 Yes, I went up the mountain in one of these.

One of the oldest houses in Bavaria-1400's I believe.